How We Are Different


Capital Strategies is owned 100% by its employees. Neither our firm nor any of our associates have any affiliation to any investment manager, broker/dealer or other business. Our philosophy of independence and the unbiased, client-focused recommendations that it provides are a cornerstone of how we think and live.

Exceptional Client Service

Capital Strategies never rests on its laurels and supports clients in ensuring they don’t either. As a strategic business partner, we help clients articulate and achieve stated goals and objectives and consistently re-evaluate those goals to avoid complacency.  We become an extension of our clients and deliver client service experiences that are arguably unparalleled in the industry.

Right People

As multi-disciplinary consultants, our associates are self-disciplined, thought leaders and committed to client advocacy and exceptional client service. They thrive on building and fostering long-term, strategic partnerships and use their difference for the benefit of our clients and to drive bottom-line results.

Peace of Mind

“Fiducia” means confidence and trust in Latin. Capital Strategies strives to instill peace of mind through our exceptional client service and our people. We enjoy long-term mutually fulfilling partnerships and never take for granted the trust and confidence our clients place in us.