Employee Engagement

Capital Strategies helps evaluate, develop, and implement employee education and communication strategies aligned with your goals and plan participants’ needs. We also help review and support communications required to maintain plan compliance and fulfill regulatory requirements.

We define retirement plan success beyond strong investment results, to encompass the plan participants achieving successful retirement outcomes – which also helps mitigate your fiduciary liabilities that a poorly communicated program can create.

Communication and Education Strategy Support

While plan design is also a driver of employee engagement and success, so is effective communication and education.

We produce a comprehensive assessment and recommended initiatives that consider your human resource goals, communication channels, employee demographics and plan usage, and past initiatives that have and have not worked well. We partner with you and your provider to prioritize these initiatives, and monitor all outcomes and progress to goals so we can identify potential changes to improve success rates and participant outcomes.

Employee Education

We always work to engage participants directly with your provider’s tools, technology and resources. At times, clients seek our assistance to help customize the providers’ educational content and/or to supplement the providers’ offerings and resources. Based on your preferences and needs, our associates who solely work with individuals from the front line to the Boardroom, can conduct customized in-person and web-based group meetings, and private in-person or phone based one-on-one discussions. These programs typically focus on comprehensive financial and retirement planning to help your employees and executives optimize the use of your benefit programs, reduce their risks and achieve their life goals.

Our services include

Communication and Education Strategy

  1. Strategy development
  2. Gap analysis of current state versus goals
  3. Ongoing monitoring of campaign outcomes and progress to goals
  4. Review of compliance notices
  5. Review of targeted materials for accuracy and editorial improvement

Employee Education

  1. Customized group education support
  2. One-on-one education support
  3. Financial planning for executives and pre-retirees