Governance Support

We help fiduciaries fulfill their required fiduciary obligations and reduce risks by establishing a strong governance structure and prudent processes. According to the Department of Labor:

“The duty to act prudently is one of a fiduciary’s central responsibilities under ERISA…Prudence focuses on the process for making fiduciary decisions.”

– 2012 DOL publication: Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

Accordingly, we play an active role in helping our clients establish a sound governance foundation by reviewing or helping to establish Committee Charters and prudent protocols.

As your retained fiduciary adviser, Capital Strategies thoroughly documents our analyses, and all Committee discussions, decisions and actions. We also conduct initial and ongoing fiduciary training and help translate the vague regulatory guidelines into best practices and practical applications.

We believe that a well-documented and sustainable governance structure helps reduce the element of surprise. At the initiation of every relationship, we lead in creating an Annual Committee Meeting Calendar so that the fiduciaries know what to expect, when, and to enable Human Resources/Finance staffs to plan properly for the year ahead.

Our services include

Governance Consulting

  1. Committee formation and charter
  2. Processes and protocols

Fiduciary Education

  1. Formal committee training
  2. Committee member orientation
  3. Fiduciary News and Alerts

Quarterly Committee Meetings

  1. Market and plan performance review
  2. Investment policy management
  3. Minutes documentation
  4. Action initiatives management