Retirement Consulting

We use proprietary analytics to evaluate client retirement plan designs to ensure they continue to support your business goals and objectives and also remain feasible from a financial perspective. While legacy provider relationships and processes offer stability to clients, we also assess current administrative and operational practices to mitigate compliance risks and optimize efficiencies.

Defined Contribution (DC) Plan Design Consulting

The focus of our consulting is to measure the effectiveness of the plan design in generating strong participant outcomes for your dollars spent. We use a multi-disciplined approach to evaluate each retirement program: conduct extensive stakeholder interviews, evaluate the current design, participant usage, and quantify participant outcomes and costs of the current offering. Based on client goals, we identify optimal design structures within budgeted parameters.

DC Plan Operational & Administrative Review

We conduct operational assessments that help uncover compliance gaps and risks in current administrative processes that are not best practices. We lead clients in resolving or mitigating the risk of operational failures, identify opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce internal processing burdens by outsourcing more duties to existing service providers.

Pension Plan Financial Management (PPFM)

PPFM represents our best practice approach to managing the funded status of our client’s pension plan. Our proprietary process allows us to better evaluate: asset allocation impacts to funded status and risk budget; plan liability changes and recommended portfolio shifts due to changes in the market, interest rate, plan demographics, legislative or regulatory changes; alternative funding options to cash; plan design and liability reduction strategies.

Through PPFM, we offer our clients the reporting, tools, and the governance framework to make fact based decisions regarding the fundamental components of successful pension management.

Our services include

DC Plan Consulting

  1. Design evaluation and benchmarking
  2. Cost benefit analysis
  3. Administrative compliance assessment
  4. Best practice review and recommendations

DB Pension Plan Consulting

  1. Plan design strategy
  2. Plan administration and funding strategy
  3. Risk transfer consulting
  4. Settlement strategy