Asset Management

Capital Strategies is a fiduciary to every client we serve.

As a “co-fiduciary” or 3(21) fiduciary, we make asset allocation and portfolio manager recommendations, while our client maintains the ultimate decision making authority.

For clients who wish to delegate more authority to us and outsource more active decision making and fiduciary responsibilities, Capital Strategies acts as a 3(38) fiduciary. Engaging us as a 3(38) fiduciary adviser allows you more time and freedom to do your job – to run a successful business and focus on decisions involving business operations versus investment management.

Fiduciary Investment Office (FIO)

Capital Strategies approach to discretionary asset management or being an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is our Fiduciary Investment Office (FIO) services. As our clients’ FIO, you outsource all investment management decisions to Capital Strategies.

While our clients and Investment Committees remain informed of our actions and processes, the FIO model allows you to outsource all day-to-day decision making, which allows you to benefit from the dynamic portfolio decision making required in a rapidly changing investment marketplace. You also benefit from our expertise in designing and implementing investment programs within a disciplined, well-documented fiduciary framework.

How the Process Works

Within prescribed and agreed to limits and governing authorities, we assume discretion for asset allocation decisions; selecting, monitoring, and replacing investment managers; and have the authority to purchase and sell securities, as appropriate and within the guidelines of the Investment Policy Statement.

Clients choose how much to outsource. You can delegate discretion to manage all of your assets or simply a sleeve of your total portfolio.

Our dedicated operations team will handle your portfolio’s operational and administrative requirements, including regular, customized reporting. However, you retain direct ownership of all of your portfolio investments, and your assets are not commingled with other clients.

When this Approach Makes Sense

Clients have retained us as a discretionary pension portfolio management when they lack the internal expertise to oversee the portfolio or lack the time and infrastructure to make timely investment manager or asset allocation decisions.

For clients seeking greater flexibility, control, and precision with their target date fund construction, we serve as a discretionary 3(38) fiduciary manager and build customized portfolios to support the specific financial goals and risk profiles of the institutional or individual investor. We have helped clients improve outcomes for their participants, better manage fees and expenses and reduce fiduciary liability.


Our services include

Fiduciary Investment Office

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