Private Wealth

Our institutional expertise and comprehensive approach allow us to create a wealth management experience with a sophistication often lacking from individual advisers.

Through the success of our institutional business, we have cultivated a private wealth practice centered on the financial needs of select individuals and families. In serving our clients, we take a holistic approach to helping them achieve all of their financial goals through our depth of expertise in the areas of investment advisory, retirement and estate planning, and other financial issues like college planning or mortgage financing.  And, we are able to deliver compelling results by implementing low cost portfolios and leveraging the benefit of institutional pricing.

Your Plan

We customize our analyses to your milestones, time horizon and risk tolerance and always prioritize the non-negotiable “must haves” in your life plan.

We make sure we stress test your financial plan in all types of market conditions and factor in potential unexpected expenditures to avoid future surprises and set appropriate expectations.

We move forward to implement your financial plan, reporting on progress to goals and delivering comprehensive performance reporting on the results and status of your entire portfolio – regardless of where the assets are held.

Our Approach

We concentrate on growing and protecting your wealth – while reducing risks.

All too often we find that clients are taking unnecessary risks which may jeopardize preserving the wealth and achieving the future goals that they have worked too hard to accumulate. Your wealth advisers work closely with our research team to model both traditional and alternative investments and present a series of portfolio strategies suited for your situation.

We also appreciate the importance of other key advisers, especially accountants and attorneys, and their role in supporting the success of our private wealth clients. We collaborate with these client resources and work in partnership to create tax efficient strategies and protect the assets for future heirs.

While the market evolves and investment strategies and opportunities change, some things remain constant: the need to be fully transparent, deliver truly objective advice and exceptional client service. This is our commitment. At Capital Strategies, every professional is committed to supporting the success of every client – in helping you realize your personal and financial goals.

Our services include

Customized financial planning

  1. Net wealth assessment
  2. Wealth accumulation and protection
  3. Life event and retirement planning

Estate planning

  1. Tax reduction/elimination strategies
  2. Charitable and legacy planning

Investment advisory

  1. Investment policy development
  2. Asset allocation strategies
  3. Manager research and recommendations
  4. Investment change management
  5. Comprehensive performance reporting

Other services

  1. College planning
  2. Restricted stock and stock option strategies
  3. Real estate financing consulting